Invoice Automation
Use Case for aiAURA-DCap

Invoice Automation


200,000 invoices per month getting processed like never before

Document are everywhere and the accounts payables department remains swamped with these documents, to categorize, validate and extract information to process invoices further. This process is cumbersome, prone to errors, and overall slow resulting delay in payments.

aiAURA DCap from automates this data extraction process. Highly complex or unstructured documents can get easily processed by the intelligent extraction process. It does not need any template to do so. AURA power keeps auto-learning on and hence you may process any format in any language.
  • Reduced the processing time from 15 minutes to 5 minutes per request
  • Improved productivity by 5x
  • Instituted overall 90% automation
  • Achieved >98% accuracy while eliminating human errors
  • Processed more documents at the same time and the same number of resources

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