Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) Solution
Unlock the true value of your data from documents with aiAURA DCap

Businesses needs to be empowered with tools that help improve workplace efficiency and reduce operational cost. Out of several key business processes, Documents & record management, and information extraction from them, are one of the pain-points even today, for almost every business function. This needs an elevation from automated data capture technology to ‘intelligent’ data capture technological enhancement. Intelligent capture software does not need any templates, keywords, formal definitions, taxonomies, or any indexing to execute data extraction, information processing, and final output. It extracts the right set of information, regardless of size, format, language, or even symbol used in documents of any type.

Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) Solution

aiAURA DCap extracts wide range of data from simple to complex or unstructured documents

IDP Solution - AI DCap algorithms and specific business rules
aiAURA DCap has ability to continuously auto-learn using AI algorithms and specific business rules
IDP Solution - ERP systems
Compatible with legacy as well as modern ERP systems
IDP Solution - Modular, configurable, customizable
Modular, configurable, customizable
IDP Solution - Available as SaaS or on-cloud platforms
Available as SaaS or on-cloud platforms

Save time and money by eliminating data entry and manual steps by >96% in your document data extraction processes across the business

Benifits - Reduced operational overheads

Reduced operational overheads

Move resources to higher-value tasks

Benifits - Improved operational efficiency

Improved operational efficiency

Automated processes with accuracy and speed

Benifits - Simplified processing

Simplified processing

Embed to RPA/ ERP workflows

Benifits - Resource optimization

Resource optimization

Achieve >96% data capture accuracy

Benifits - Incremental ROI

Incremental ROI

Auto-learn system resulting higher returns

Benifits - Reliable


Processing over 5 million pages per month

Process Flow
Affordable pricing and client centric support model
process flow POC
Receive Documents

Receive Documents

Documents are received from sources in various formats such as PDFs, images

AI Process

AI Process

AI engine process the document and extract the information



Human Validation is carried out to address any errors


Export Data

Extracted data is exported into downstream system using interfaces

Key features

Create real value in your business processes by automating extraction

  • Template less setup

    Train aiAURA DCap model with your document

  • Any format documents

    Handwritten, PDF, scanned or other

  • Scalable

    Supports high volume and fast processing transactions

  • Multi language support

    Works well with European and Arabic languages

  • Enterprise level monitoring

    Error handling and monitoring analysis

  • Business process integration

    Integration with RPA workflows, ERP and CRM

  • Object detection and classification

    Signatures, logo, radio button, checkbox, tables etc.

  • Built-in security

    Secure to handle documents from anywhere

  • Built on explainable AI

    Transparent to your system processes

  • Auto learning with intuitive UI

    State-of-the-art UI helps simple ways to train, modulate & analyze performance

aiAURA DCap can bring revolutionary change to the way business documents are processed


Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) Solution

Global telecom leader

Customer service process got 5 times higher productivity and helped customers getting their service requests faster and better

Global food processing and supplier

Invoice processing got dramatic improvements and saved tremendous hours of operations resulting into faster vendor payments

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