Gain a Holistic Customer Perspective to Grow Your Business

Integrate your data end-to-end with aiAURA Customer360. Automate tasks and get powerful, real-time analytics and data visualizations. With aiAURA Customer360, enterprises gain the ability to access crucial data and make smarter, faster decisions at the right time with an accurate 360◦ view of customers.

aiAURA Customer360, powered by our in-house AI frameworks and engineering, can help you better glean insights from data at scale. AI improves the speed of service by automating repetitive, manual tasks and most complex business processes.

Tap into the Perfect Blend of AI and Business Insights for Enhanced Customer and Sales Management

Aspect-based Sentiment Analyzer

Aspect Based Sentiment Analyzer

Automate the review process and get real-time sentiment extraction based on aspects

Dynamic Pricing

Dynamic Pricing

Accurately predict the precise price and beat the competition with intelligent pricing

Customer Churn

Customer Churn

Intelligently predict the rate of attrition

Customer Segmentation

Customer Segmentation

Gain instantaneous segmentation of customers

Key Features and Process View of Our Aspect-based Sentiment Analyzer

Aspect Extraction

Automated text analysis to identify various elements and extract key product/service aspects

Sentiment Detection

Detect positive, negative, or neutral sentiment by aspect

Classification & Severity

Quantitative measurement of the sentiment severity


Ad infinitum learning models based on user feedback

Key Features and Process View of Our Dynamic Pricing

Price Predictions

Price predictions based on historical store demand and prices

Price Simulations

Simulate prices based on demand variations and other factors that influence price, lift analysis

Competitor Intelligence

Real-time grading of competitor promotions with image recognition, competitor price trends

Automation & Integration

Seamless integration of pricing decisions into enterprise systems

Get Smarter Customer Churn and Segmentation with aiAURA Customer360

Intelligent Data Filtration

Accumulate enormous unstructured data with lesser false alerts

Reduced Time

Free up time to focus on more demanding problems

Insights Engine

Correlate data, detect patterns, and generate real-time business insights

Enhanced Scaling

Handle more data and scale in production with ML models

Agile System

Tune rules and models flexibly for real-time data streaming

Higher Accuracy

Easily find the number of clusters for given customer data

Gain Deep Learning Customer and Sales Insights with aiAURA Customer360

  • Increased market share
  • Improved pricing & marketing efficiencies
  • Targeted offers to customers
  • Improved customer service & retention
  • Targeted marketing campaigns
  • Enhanced product offerings


Learn how aiAURA Customer360 can help you with a holistic view of customer lifecycle