Fraud Detection. Prediction. Prevention.
Establish a governed and secure environment; use predictive insights and real-time analysis
business leaders cite fraud

More than 70% business leaders cite fraud as growing concern

worldwide losses due to fraud

USD 44 billion worldwide losses due to fraud by 2025

e-commerce sales transactions

25% of declined e-commerce sales transactions were false positives

Increased digitalization and online commerce are creating more sophisticated data breaches, cyberattacks, Identity thefts, and financial crimes every day. Traditional fraud monitoring methods (rules-based) are slow to respond and have high false positives. Left unaddressed, the issue presents a huge personal and corporate risk on many levels.

aiAURA DRisk is an AI-enabled fraud detection solution that helps detect, predict, and prevent fraud in real-time.
aiAURA DRisk helps to spot anomalies in real-time, helps improve customer acceptance by reducing the number of false positives. The solution learns continuously and detects new types of fraud scenarios with 99% accuracy. It has zero model degradation and is an enterprise-grade solution that has speed, scale & accuracy in real-time.

Leverage pre-trained and industry specific AI model templates to accelerate your projects

  • Scale analysis across your organization

  • Empower your processes from detection to prediction

  • Reduce false positives and make better, faster decisions

  • Leverage pre-trained and industry specific AI model

  • Templates to accelerate your projects


Save time and cost

Benifits - Save time and cost

Identify up to 95% of all frauds and minimize cost of manual reconciliation

Detect emerging fraud

Benifits - Detect emerging fraud

Uncover anomalies and spot patterns quickly and more accurately

Free up fraud analysts

Benifits - Free up fraud analysts

Reduce time spent on false positives

Control business outcomes

POC - Control business outcomes

Customize risk thresholds based on business goals

Benifits - Fraud Detection

Fraud Detection

aiAURA DRisk spots anomalies instantaneously in real time, helps with decision making in a variety of fraud scenarios

Benifits - Instantaneous & Scalable

Instantaneous & Scalable

aiAURA DRisk can process large volumes of data with a unique and powerful combination of AI/ML models to provide instantaneous insights

Benifits - Fraud Prevention & Behavior Analytics

Fraud Prevention & Behavior Analytics

The intuitive UI helps in quick and proactive monitoring of fraudulent activities. Embedded behavioral analytics help in prevention

Benifits - Industry Specific use cases

Industry Specific use cases

aiAURA DRisk meets the unique requirements of fraud detection in various industries and can be easily enhanced, adapted rapidly

Benifits - Fraud Monitoring & Integration

Fraud Monitoring & Integration

aiAURA DRisk can be easily integrated with a variety of monitoring systems and RPA workflows

Benifits - Artificial Intelligence enabled

Artificial Intelligence enabled

Learn from historical fraud patterns and recognize them in future transactions. Zero model degradation. Automatic detection of new types of fraud

Detect Fraud with Speed, Accuracy and Scale in real time


Real-Time fraud detection

Flexible Deployment

SaaS, Private cloud, or Managed services


Add more scenarios to monitor with ease

Affordable Pricing

Per Transaction pricing (SaaS) for faster ROI


SaaS or private cloud solution, round the clock aiAURA DRisk support

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