Automating Supply Chain Response With AI-Powered Smart Optimization

aiAURA SmartOptimization helps enterprises answer questions such as “What should we do?”. aiAURA SmartOptimization turns a business problem into a prescriptive math model and then finds the best solution out of millions of possibilities. The result: Better business decisions in a short time and possible savings in millions or billions of dollars.

The algorithms can handle situations with many alternatives, requirements and trade-offs, thereby helping organizations act fast in dynamic conditions and make superior decisions in uncertain environments to gain a competitive advantage. It creates value through synergy with predictive analytics by taking the forward-looking insight to the next level and suggesting the optimal way to handle the present or future situation.

Key Features

Prescriptive and custom optimization Models

Proven and tested models that solve a variety of business objectives such as cost minimization, revenue maximization, etc.

Established optimization framework

Proven framework and processes to translate a business problem into a suitable data model and a compatible optimization model

Simulations & What if Scenarios

Capability to simulate a variety of what-if scenarios to analyze potential impacts before making critical business decisions

Visualizations & Integration

The output of the optimization algorithms rendered in easy-to-use charts, provides in depth graphical details about outputs and integrates with other systems


automating supply chain Supply Network Optimization

Determine the optimal inventory level at each node in the supply chain to balance service levels and demands while minimizing costs

Route Lead time Optimization Route & Lead time Optimization

Determine the best possible route to ship for ensuring the fastest and most economic last-mile deliveries

Safety Stock Optimization Safety Stock Optimization

Minimize inventory holding costs while maintaining the service levels; establish optimal safety stock levels

Workforce Labor Optimization Workforce & Labor Optimization

Establish the optimal number of resources required per shift by season based on demand, supply, and other factors

automating supply chain Manufacturing Yield Optimization

Ensure the optimal mix of raw materials or substitutes to maximize finished product yield

Trade Promotion Optimization Trade Promotion Optimization

Maximize the value of every dollar invested in trade promotions

Key Benefits

Bottom line benefits

15-25% savings in supply chain costs
50% reduction in supply chain planning time

Top line benefits

8% additional revenues / revenue growth

ROI for Optimization projects

Approximately within 6-9 months organization can realize benefits

aiAURA SmartOptimization brings AI-powered intelligence to support strategic, tactical & operational decisions within minutes.

aiAURA SmartOptimization is proven to minimize supply chain costs across Industries

aiAURA Optimization helps make strategic, tactical, and operational decisions. The optimizer can help figure out the best course of alternatives supply chains go through in times of disruption. Typical decision-making examples include what products to produce and where, which DC to stock and by how much, balancing inventory and service levels, having the right mix of contract and permanent staffing, and many more. aiAURA Optimization helps you save time & money, unlock working capital, and ensure money is not left on the table.

Reduce costs and increase profits - Do more with less by utilizing your resources and assets to their maximum potential. Decision optimization helps make smarter decisions to reduce idleness and improve productivity, allowing you to do more with what you have.

Improve customer service - Today's service quality affects tomorrow's profits. Decision optimization helps evaluate the impact of decisions on profits and service quality, and offer the best service to customers.

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