Why Intelligent Data Capture is more than Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

Digital transformation for any organization needs to be performed from at a grassroots level and at the grass-root levels are Documents – reliability on the documents whether they belong to the accounting and finance dept, supply chain, or procurement hard copies of the documents are all over the place in organizations belonging to different sizes.

Paper documents still are a part of business operations in most enterprises and are used up to 25 to 30% of all the time, across all business domains and it is observed that where ever paper documents are involved, error and latency crops up.

Digitizing the documents is indispensable when moving towards digital transformation and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) leverages organizations to digitize the paper documents and fill the gap, but for OCR to be a hit, the quality of the scanned document must be good.

Errors in the quality of the output while using traditional OCR tools interfere with the precisions levels and throughput of even with emerging technologies such as Robotic Process Automation (RPA) in a paper document-driven landscape

Intelligent Data Capture defiance this problem and assists in higher accuracy.

MOURI Tech’s data capture tool powered by AURA (aiAURA DCap) captures data from all sets and types of documents including Structured and unstructured documents such as scanned documents, email, text, PDF, etc., further classifying them it into sets and subsets by pulling out exact information, and validating it.

aiAURA DCap solution along with performing the standard data capture or OCR operation also performs several pre- and post-processing operations to make the data capture top quality.
aiAURA DCap solutions save both time and money by eliminating data entry and requisite manual steps by 95%. It works with the document of any format without a manual set up, auto validates the extracted data, and seamlessly integrates with corporate systems. It is self-enough to capture data from any document – Invoices, purchase order, shipping documents, contracts & agreements, Medical billing documents, HR forms and applications, ID cards & Passports, and Tax documents.
aiAURA DCAP enables you to:
  • Read and ingest text from a paper document making complex use cases such as on-mobile
  • onboarding, identity verification at transit points, tab banking, etc., a business reality
  • Enable multi-channel data capture
  • Process all types of documents by understanding the underlying context
  • Speed-up paper document processing
  • Classify the documents into different categories
  • Extract the required data from an unstructured document including metadata, index
  • it and convert it into a format ready for further processing
  • Integrate unstructured data with enterprise applications, databases as well as RPA software
  • Improve speed and productivity in a document-driven work culture