Enhance Enterprise Search Experience with AI-powered aiAURA F2

In today's business landscape, extracting valuable insights from data is critical for success. However, when data is scattered across multiple sources effectively managing and utilizing this information is challenging. MOURI Tech has built an AI-powered search platform that redefines enterprise search. The aiAURA F2 Enterprise Search platform is a state-of-the-art solution that taps into the power of the latest advancements in AI and NLP to offer an unparalleled search capability that can instantly find a needle of insightful information in the haystack of an enterprise’s vast data lake.

Key Features

automating supply chain AI-powered Search Engine

Identifies user intent and delivers relevant search results

Route Lead time Optimization Advanced Search Capabilities

Features relevance ranking, synonym recognition, spelling correction, and auto suggestion

Safety Stock Optimization Seamless Integration

Seamless integration with industry-leading third-party platforms

Workforce Labor Optimization Semantic Search

Improves search accuracy and relevance by understanding the meaning and context of the query and the data

automating supply chain Chat with Doc Integration

Enables users to interact with a virtual assistant powered by state-of-the-art AI technology to get quick answers and assistance

Trade Promotion Optimization Relevant Snippets

Highlights the most relevant and useful section of the document based on the search query, saving time and effort for the user

Workforce Labor Optimization Customization and Configuration

Equipped with a secured and authenticated system to browse search results

automating supply chain Secure Search Features

Ensure the optimal mix of raw materials or substitutes to maximize finished product yield

Trade Promotion Optimization Analytics and Reporting

Optimize search engine performance with intuitive analytics and reporting tools

Workforce Labor Optimization NLP capabilities

Use Advanced Natural Language Processing to retrieve valuable information from documents

automating supply chain No-code deployment

No-code deployment enables faster onboarding and a quick start

Trade Promotion Optimization Scalability and Reliability

Ramp up scalability and reliability for handling increases in data and traffic

Benefits of aiAURA F2

MOURI Tech’s AI-powered aiAURA F2 search engine automatically identifies the intent behind user queries and delivers personalized and accurate results through relevance ranking, synonym recognition, and spelling correction. It also empowers enterprises with effective information governance thereby facilitating increased productivity, improved efficiency and enhanced decision-making.

Work Hour Savings

Benifits - Save time and cost

Search time down by 70%, making data-driven insights more accessible

End-to-end Development

Benifits - Detect emerging fraud

A dedicated developer team to implement solution at the customer’s facility


Benifits - Free up fraud analysts

Manage ticket queues and boost adoption post-implementation

Information Security

POC - Control business outcomes

Highly secure platform with dedicated domain models and access control lists

Why aiAURA F2?

aiAURA F2 is engineered to enhance the search process and equip businesses with crucial information to facilitate smart decision-making. By enabling faster data retrieval and enhanced precision, it frees up employees to focus on value-oriented tasks and helps businesses unlock new growth opportunities.

MOURI Tech Value Proposition

CMMI DEV/5 Certified

CMMI DEV/5 certified organization with 18+ years of experience offering an array of services to over customers from over 16 different industry sectors

Customized Solutions

Bespoke solutions from proven expertise and best practices to offer state-of-the-art resolutions to customer pain points

Data-Driven Insights

MOURI Tech’s analytics model allows businesses to make informed and data-driven decisions irrespective of size, scale, or industry type

Dedicated Team

Certified professionals offer solutions that increase revenue and productivity, mitigate risks, and reduce costs


aiAURA F2 simplifies and speeds up research by consolidating multiple data sources into a single access point in Life Sciences
Integrate and index all data sources within the manufacturing process with aiAURA F2
aiAURA F2 optimizes processes by providing real-time access to data about transactions, balances, and other financial information

Discover the Power of AI-Driven Search with aiAURA F2 and Take your Enterprise to New Heights