Transform Recruitment Process with AI-powered Resume Screening using aiAURA DocScore

Redefine the hiring candidate assessment with aiAURA DocScore by quickly evaluating resumes against predefined standards to determine their suitability for a role. This resume scoring system helps streamline recruitment by automating initial screening, identifying top candidates, and freeing up recruiters for strategic tasks. aiAURA DocScore harnesses advanced algorithms to meticulously review resumes, assigning each profile a score based on its alignment with job prerequisites and desired qualifications. Find the candidate with the best fit for your business with the desired keywords, experience and skill levels.

Key Features

automating supply chain Time Saving

Accelerate candidate evaluation with automated screening, giving recruiters and managers valuable time

Route Lead time Optimization Accurate

Boost resume screening efficiency through algorithm-driven analysis of keywords, recency of skills, and relevant qualifications

Safety Stock Optimization Efficient

Automate candidate selection to reduce time-consuming manual screening of top-tier candidates

Workforce Labor Optimization Consistent

Adopt a consistent resume evaluation approach to mitigate screening errors and ensure fairness

automating supply chainObjective

Our objective scoring ensures standardization of the profile assessment process, reducing the potential risk of human bias

Trade Promotion Optimization End-to-end Encrypted

Protect sensitive information with secure data transfer, ensuring confidentiality for all candidates

Benefits of aiAURA DocScore
Business Outcomes

Automated Resume Scanning

Benifits - Save time and cost

Automated Resume Scanning, evaluation, and selection ensures you always find the right person for the job

Customizable Scoring Criteria

Benifits - Detect emerging fraud

Get candidates whose essential skills and experience match the unique demands of the position

Optimized AI-led Discoveries

Benifits - Free up fraud analysts

Utilize advanced resume-scoring algorithms to detect current resume trends and automatically determine top-performing candidates

Resume Ranking

POC - Control business outcomes

Evaluate and organize resumes by their scores, facilitating recruiters in identifying the topmost eligible candidates

ATS Integration

POC - Control business outcomes

Optimize your recruitment process via a user-friendly interface and integration of Applicant Tracking Systems

Bias Reduction

POC - Control business outcomes

Eliminate personal identifiers to mitigate the unconscious bias into the recruitment process and foster a more equitable and objective selection of candidates

Why aiAURA DocScore?

aiAURA DocScore, an AI-powered resume scoring tool, enhances the recruitment process efficiency for businesses, automating the initial screening phase and enabling recruiters to Focused on the most prospective candidates, ultimately raising candidate quality.

MOURI Tech Value Proposition


A team of experts unleashes the power of NLP, ML, and AI, empowering your organization to optimize the resume scoring process


Driven by an innovation mindset, we are always committed to staying at the forefront of implementing emerging technologies


Our solution offers cost savings with flexible licensing to meet customer needs


24/7 support, backed by a dedicated team of engineers for rapid incident resolution

Discover the Future of Recruiting with aiAURA DocScore