Enhance Document Reviews for Business with aiAURA DOCReVU

Document review is a necessary but often tedious task that is plagued with inefficiencies and errors. MOURI Tech’s aiAURA DOCReVU automatically identifies important documents, extracts crucial keywords and phrases, and utilizes tools such as semantic analysis, named entity recognition, and customizable review criteria to automate the document review process. This natural language processing solution is designed to fit the unique needs of every enterprise by integrating with legacy workflows to improve productivity and reduce the risk of errors.

Key Features

automating supply chain Innovative AI-NLP Algorithms

Rapid information gathering by innovating AI-NLP algorithms that produce precise and contextual results

Route Lead time Optimization End-to-End Document Encryption

Enhanced security for sensitive information through encryption and dynamic document processing

Safety Stock Optimization Build Easy-to-Use Templates

Create interactive templates with tailored customization and configuration options

Workforce Labor Optimization Secure and Controlled Access

Ensure that processing and search results are only accessible to authorized individuals

automating supply chainUpscale Doc Processing

Eliminate hours of tedious effort to obtain immediate categorized results

Trade Promotion Optimization Archival of User Search Results

Keep search results for specific users across multiple document iterations for future analysis

Benefits of aiAURA DOCReVU


Benifits - Save time and cost

User can build templates based on the types of documents frequently processed

Data Highlights

Benifits - Detect emerging fraud

Highlight information that needs to be reviewed ensuring no key data is missed

Semantic Results

Benifits - Free up fraud analysts

Understands the context and intent of queries to provide relevant Search results

No Document Storage

POC - Control business outcomes

All processing happens on the fly and documents are not saved anywhere


POC - Control business outcomes

Reduces human effort and gives all the results immediately for multiple documents


POC - Control business outcomes

Saves the previous results of the document for future analysis

Business Outcomes

Boost Productivity

Quickly review documents to enhance productivity and efficiency while lowering costs

Increased Accuracy

Ensuring accuracy and regulatory compliance through enhanced document review procedures 

Facilitate Collaboration

Strengthen collaboration and communication during document review to enhance decision-making

Better Data Insights

Gain insights into the document review process, identify bottlenecks, and optimize workflows

Ensure Security

Control access to sensitive information and protect against data breaches


Customize the solution to meet specific needs, improving effectiveness and relevance


Scale up and meet growing needs, ensuring continued efficacy and relevance


aiAURA DOCReVU analyses user search inputs to identify and highlight key information in a document. With customizable and easy-to-use interfaces, aiAURA DOCReVU saves hundreds of hours from traditional document review processes and streamlines your document review process with the power of AI.

MOURI Tech Value Proposition


A team of experts unleashes the power of NLP, ML, and AI, empowering your organization to optimize the document review process


Driven by an innovation mindset, we are always committed to staying at the forefront of implementing emerging technologies


Our unwavering commitment to delivering superior solutions and services to our clients is the driving force behind our robust quality assurance document review process

Customer Support

Our exceptional customer support services ensure that our clients always receive timely and effective assistance that's tailored to their unique needs


Streamline legal document reviews with aiAURA DOCReVU's cutting-edge AI
Utilize aiAURA DOCReVU to examine and evaluate healthcare records with AI
Analyze financial records like credit reports and investment portfolios

Leverage AI-powered Document Review Processing with aiAURA DOCReVU