Frequently Asked Questions
AURA - DRisk

  • DRisk SaaS has 200+ connectors. DRisk can connect with any ERPs and transactional systems.

  • DRisk has pre-trained models to detect anomalies in online transactions.

  • Pricing is by the transaction. There would be a small one-time cost to create an exclusive, secured tenant to support the use case.

  • DRisk can handle unlabeled data. DRisk unsupervised models are set ensembled AI methods that help to find the needle in a haystack. In some instances, we have seen up to 92% accuracy.

  • DRisk can detect Fraud in real-time. DRisk runs on spark-based in-memory engines for faster insight generation.

  • Not at this time.

  • We use our proprietary algorithms.

  • There is no on-premise option at this time. DRisk does not store any customer data. Data will be deleted the moment transactions are processed. DRisk runs on a popular public cloud that offers the industry's best security standards, data encryption.

  • For a well-defined use case with data, typically, the solution deployments take within 4 to 6 weeks.