Build Smart Supply Chain Systems to address Continuous Disruption

Demand sensing powered by AI technology helps drive customer centric supply chains. It helps to connect the dots between leading indicators of external market with internal business processes and establish meaningful correlations. Demand sensing is different from traditional approaches as it uses a broad range of market signals such as market shifts, customer behaviors, competitor prices etc., to derive correlations that can drive competitive decisions and actionable insights. Demand sensing AI models can help drive intelligent pricing strategies, dynamic pricing and highly accurate demand plans. With demand sensing you get to prioritize what the customer wants, when the customer wants and at what price.


Key Features of the application

  • Market Data Auto Ingestion: Automatic ingestion of various data sources (Macro economic, Industry specific, Private and Government) into a data lake.

  • Feature Identification: Data driven Key features Identification from market data with powerful correlations, timeseries and other impact analyses.

  • Predictive Models and Simulations: Machine learning models that are suitable to predict& simulate a range of demand, supply and price scenarios.

  • Continuous Learning: Continuously learning models based on user feedback

Why MOURI Tech?

  • Our Demand Sensing forecast application can help you improve forecast by 30 to 40%.
  • Our Demand Sensing saves 50% time in analysing external market data.
Customer Testimonials

“MOURI Tech’s demand sensing solution is helping us better understand what macroeconomics factors shape demand, particularly in our Industry.” 

“MOURI Tech’s demand sensing solution has been a huge asset to help us better formulate our demand management and pricing strategies”  - Consumer products client

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