Automate Supplier Intelligence via
AI-augmented Analysis

In this technology-driven world, businesses need to turn their attention to Artificial Intelligence to increase automation and efficiency in procurement. We provide a revolutionizing supplier intelligence tool for buyers, providing a data-driven and unique way to manage suppliers, analyze expenditures, and detect fraud.

aiAURA Procurement AI is a technology-enabled approach built on an open-source platform and ready to be deployed to an enterprise-grade cloud platform, which helps enhance the supplier-identification process by scanning millions of suppliers within no time. AURA Procurement AI helps organizations accelerate AI transformation.

Gain In-depth Expenditure, Payment, Supplier and Automated Contract Analysis with aiAURA Procurement AI

Spend Analytics

Swiftly create clear and reliable insights of spend characteristics and trends

Supplier Intelligence

The business attains cost-effective and sustainable supply options


Identify potential fraud/anomalies in large-scale payments

Contract Management

Scan contracts with natural language processing to identify patterns

aiAURA Procurement AI Benefits

Take your Business to a Whole New Level of Automated Performance and Speed

Seamless Buying Experience

Enrich Interactions and enable intuitive buying experience across channels

Increased Spend Under Management

Leverage best in class process platforms and UX to increase the spend under management & compliant channels

Improved Visibility

Enable strong collaboration and real-time visibility across internal teams and external partners

Lower Costs with Automation

Leverage bots, RPA, and advanced analytics to reduce operational cost and resource exploitation

Drive Compliance & Manage Risk

Enable procurement organization to drive procurement policies, buying channels & statutory regulations

Leverage AI to Simplify Interactions

Integrate AI-enabled solutions with source-to-pay platforms for faster and secure transactions

aiAURA Procurement AI Enables Enterprises Derive Value and Savings per FTE

Procurement Analytics Process Flow

Yield the Power of Automated Processes to Gain Various Functional Advantages

MOURI Tech Solution Benefits

  • Spend classification and prioritization
  • Optimized agreements
  • Quicker anomaly identification
  • Improved compliance and reduced fraud
  • Reduced risks and operational costs


Know how to transform your business via in-depth supplier intelligence