Build an Intelligent Supply Chain with the Power of AI

Increasing complexity and demand from global supply chain organizations leave zero room for error in their processes. They need to meet the expectations rapidly and with better productivity and results. The level of machine automation in this sector is increasing rapidly, making it critical for organizations to increase their productivity by predicting the uncertainties, improving service quality, and leveraging the power of Artificial Intelligence.

MOURI Tech’s in-house accelerator, aiAURA ControlTower, combines three distinct processes into one to automate the supply chain and create an intelligent AI-enabled environment. This, in turn, delivers the powerful optimization abilities needed to have improved productivity, accurate capacity planning, better quality, lower costs, and higher outputs within a safer work environment.

aiAURA ControlTower Helps Improve Supply Chain Visibility,
Predictability and Responsiveness to Business Changes

Gain Real-time Insight into Demand and Supply Changes and Detect
Potential Challenges

aiAURA ControlTower Capabilities

Demand Sensing

Get real-time insights about external market factors, leading indicators, and correlations to streamline your supply chain processes

Market Data Auto Ingestion

Automatic ingestion of various data source (Macro economic, industry Specific, Private & goverment) in to a data lake

Feature Identification

Data Driven Key features identification from market data with powerful correlations, timeseries & other impact analyses

Predictive Models & Simulations

Machine learning models that are suitable to predict & simulate a range of demand, supply & price scenarios

Continuous Learning

Continuously learning models based on user feedback

Stock-Out Predictor

Swiftly predict inventory stock-outs based on demand and supply; Leverage personas like demand planner, supply planner, and inventory manager

Perception & Awareness

Co-relation with external market indicators, Competitive outlook


SKU Inventory stockouts, Forecast accurasy


Possible what if scenarios, historical references & context

Risk Prevention

Prevent vendors from shipping non FDA compliant product


Inventory re-balance proposals, Alternate vendors


Stock transport orders, Master data updates, Vendor changes

Demand Forecasting

Leverage AI to forecast demand based on internal & external data

Historical Trends Demand Correlations Bivariate & Univariates

Extracted Key Features Impacting Busizess + Predictive & Simulation Models

Improved Business Strategy & Forecasts for Demand, Supply & price

aiAURA ControlTower Key Benefits

  • Advanced market intelligence
  • Better demand/supply and pricing and strategies
  • Improved forecast accuracy
  • Reduced stockouts
  • Improved safety stocks and service levels


Learn how aiAURA ControlTower can
transform your business