Reduce overheads from business processes
Reduce Business Process Overheads

Enterprise AI can help getting rid of repetitive and time-consuming tasks

Platform agnostic tools for all business
Platform agnostic tools for all businesses is an enterprise automation toolbox that can be leveraged to ramp up your enterprise IT

Eliminate Dull & Boring Task
Flexible to layer with legacy systems

Enable AI to your ERP, CRM, SCM, EPM like enterprise system to get more value from your IT


Unlock the true value of your data from documents with aiAURA DCap

Gone are the days, for manual data extraction and entry that’s slow, error-prone and inefficient aiAURA DCap brings fresh perspective to look into your document data extraction process, by adding coginitive process to it.

aiAURA SmartEye

Detect manufacturing defects and automate operations with a computer vision SaaS platform

Identify patterns, detect anomalies, object behaviors, and trajectories in real-time. Leverage innovative solutions to monitor Vision AI applications on edge devices and simplify image processing with quality and accuracy to achieve faster time to market. helps in your transformation journey into a Smart Enterprise


Assist in enterprise architecture planning, infrastructure and application management


Build and manage a suite of AI applications that can improve your business processes


Data acquisition, modeling, and management


Computer vision, image processing, real time Apps, personalized user experiences


Feature engineering, machine learning, deep learning, predictive learning and NLP

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Success Stories

Global telecom leader

Customer service process got 5 times higher productivity and helped customers getting their service requests faster and better

Global food processing and supplier

Invoice processing got dramatic improvements and saved tremendous hours of operations resulting into faster vendor payments

Global pharmaceutical leader

Repetitive and complex tasks just got off and customer services are now uninterrupted