aiAURA SmartEye – Vision AI Simplified

While long-sightedness and short-sightedness can be considered challenges associated with manual visual perception, Artificial Intelligence (AI) can help industries emulate the human visual system. The manual process of object detection and inspection has high cost of errors. Computer Vision empowered by AI can assess images, identify objects and defects out of the ordinary sequences, and advise users of needed actions.

aiAURA SmartEye harness the power of AI and machine vision. A set of pre-trained AI algorithms learn the images ingested into the system, identify patterns and provide the right output as insights. Organizations across industries can plug aiAURA Smart Eye to sense defects, object behaviors, and trajectories with real-time insights.

A computer vision SaaS platform, aiAURA SmartEye enables organizations to simplify image processing with AI-based insights.

aiAURA Smart Eye helps:

Inspect manufacturing processes and finished products for non-conformance and defects.

Improve workplace safety and productivity with real-time insights.

Automate quality control to increase the efficiency of the final product in packing.

Automate regular leak detection and repair surveys at oil and gas facilities

Increase accuracy of detection, classification, and grading of processed food.

Key Takeaways:


Faster time to result: Helps build fast, high-accuracy models to classify images.

Process Automation: Detects objects and its location automatically without human intervention.

Scale across the enterprise: Scalable AI solution with large-scale operation ability.

Real-Time Quality Assurance: Real-Time action based data for quality evaluation and control.

Actionable Results: Object detection allows accurate asset tracking with reduced operation costs.

Leverage aiAURA SmartEye pre-trained model and gain visual insights on:

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aiAURA SmartEye enhances inspection of automobile parts

aiAURA SmartEye automates the inspection and grading of processed meat

aiAURA SmartEye automates the detection of Gas Emission and leakages

Integrate aiAURA SmartEye with your application

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