Dynamic Pricing for Increasing Market Share

In this ever-changing dynamic world, organizations need to think fast and stay agile. They need strategies that work in the real world. Leading companies like Amazon, Uber, and Airbnb are continually crushing their competition and creating new benchmarks. Their secret sauce is to change prices continuously based on market demand and supply. Most organizations often fail to establish "price floors" or pricing boundaries and make quick pricing changes in the respective ERP systems or price registers. The key reason for the pricing process's fluidity or dynamic nature , which most of them lack today.

The traditional approach problem "set it and forget it"

Traditional pricing approach is mostly static in nature and not responsive to the dynamics of digital age. Traditional These pricing models had two strategies in common – "Premium Pricing" and "Penetration Pricing." Profit maximization is not possible with both. At premium pricing, demand is still low. Even penetration pricing may have high demand, but the price remains low. Manual analysis with set business rules cannot adjust for unforeseen events. Organizations need new capabilities to deliver the constant availability, competitive prices, and instant buying experience that today's consumers demand.

Response to demand fluctuations in the market

The digital world has illuminated the fact that customer experiences are shaped by other fluid and unpredictable factors such as customer's expectations or mindset at the point of purchase. Hence, it is essential for organizations to activate the dynamic pricing lever. Dynamic pricing is a flexible pricing strategy where businesses can leverage AI to set flexible prices for products or services based on algorithms that take into account several factors such as Supply and Demand Competitor Pricing, Time-based pricing Customer Profile External factors in the market. Dynamic pricing has been proven to be very effective to improve the top line revenues by retaining the customers you already have, also gain new customers hence increasing your market share.

  • Get Customer

  • Keep Customer

  • Grow Customer

It’s all about how quickly and intelligently we enable businesses to price their products and services in a digital world.

MOURI Tech's tailored AURA AI solution for Dynamic Pricing

MOURI Tech's AURA Dynamic Pricing software adopts a pricing approach that leverages AI to set prices progressively based on algorithms that consider several factors such as Supply and Demand, Competitor Pricing, Customer Profile, and external market fluctuations. It can monitor prices, promotions, and stock of competitors daily and arrives at price recommendations integrated with enterprise systems such as SAP, SalesForce etc. AURA Dynamic Pricing empowers product category managers, pricing managers, and sales managers with AI-based data-driven insights.

Key Features

Price Elasticity Predictions

Competitive Price Monitoring


Machine Learning


Natural Language Assistant

ERP Integration

Different Modules of AURA Dynamic Pricing

  • Price Elasticity

  • Competitive Pricing

  • Key Value Items

  • Segmentation & Lift

  • Price Optimization

Business Benefits

  • Improved Revenues

  • Market Share Protection and Improvement

  • Improved Efficiency to updated prices

  • Higher Customer satisfaction

" A leading consumer packaged goods company leveraged AURA Dynamic pricing to make quick and well-informed pricing decisions on its dairy products across channels. "

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